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Make cracked alloy wheels history

We make alloy wheels look good as new

We focus on getting your alloy wheels repaired not replaced. We believe that if it can be repaired then it should be repaired. There's little point in forking out for expensive new alloys when you can remove dents, scuffs and cracks and have it looking like they never existed.

Not sure what to do with cracked alloys?

    •   Our alloy wheel repair procedure fixes most damages

    •   Fixes cracks, dents, bends, scratches and scuffs

    •   We specialise in alloy wheel repair and cracked alloy


    •   In a lot of cases we'll have those cracked alloy wheels

         looking better than new

    •   Serving Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham, Gosport,    

         Southsea and more

    •   If you're unsure as to how we can help, call today for  

         more information

Call today for quality refurbished alloys

Get a cleaner, fresher look

Alloys give your car a sleeker style, if you want them for your car then call us today. We can offer refurbished alloys at great prices, and we'll fit them too!


Book your alloy wheel repair today, or for more info, call:

If you've suffered more than just alloy damage in a collision

or a scrape and would like to read more information on our

vehicle repair services then click on this link.