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Panel and body repair from the experts

We've seen a lot of exterior damage to cars in our time, so we know the best way to fix the problem. If you've got dents, scrapes, scratches, bumper damage or your paintwork requires re-spraying, we can help. Our dent removal tools and re-spraying equipment will have your car looking like new again!

Go local and get the best

    •    In-house dent removal tools

    •    Restore that paintwork to its former glory!

    •    Get scratches repainted!

    •    Bumper repairs and replacements

    •    Colour matching and re-spraying

    •    Full body panel repairs

    •    Check out our alloy wheel refurbishment to

          compliment your exterior repairs

Book your repair today

Free quotes on your repairs

All repairs come with free quotes. So whether you need re-spraying, dent removal or bumper repairs, our team will always tell you what it will cost for a repair, free of charge.


Scrapes and scratches on your car panels? Call today:

Why not look around the site to see the rest of the services that we offer. We provide similar body panel repair services to vans and motorcycles, as well as running diagnostic tests to ensure your vehicle is functioning at peak performance.

Body panel repair and more!