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Newly painted red Vauxhall Corsa Red Vauxhall Corsa before painting

Diagnostics can improve performance!

Get in touch today to learn how our diagnostics machines can help improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your vehicle. We love to run diagnostics on vehicles so that we can begin the process of fine-tuning them, achieving the twin goals of maximum performance whilst reducing the cost of running your vehicle.

Run car diagnostics and test for faults

    •    Diagnostics means more than just  


    •    We run car diagnostics to check for electrical faults

    •    We use the data for car servicing

    •    Helps to diagnose problems with air-conditioning

    •    Running diesel? We can use diagnostics specifically  

          to measure diesel fuel management

    •    Car diagnostic services can really benefit your  


    •   We also provide diagnostics for motorcycles and vans 

Don't delay, book today!

Spot problems early, diagnose now!

Make sure that your car doesn't suffer problems that can be sorted out today. Contact VRC right away to get your car checked. We offer a complete diagnostic session to ensure your vehicle is running as it should.

Get in touch today to book your diagnostics session:

Coupled with our car diagnostic services we also provide full car, van and motorcycle repairs, fixing engine faults, body panel damages and other issues. Call today for more info.

Diagnostics for car servicing